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June 2014
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Open House and Free Lunch at all American Flyers locations

July 12, 2014

Join us for an open house, complimentary lunch and optional  safety seminar from noon to 2pm.

Kats Corner (American Flyers Online Course Tips)

Updated Knowledge Test Supplements

As many of you may recall and some of you will learn, you are provided a "Computer Testing Supplement" when you take your FAA Knowledge Test. The test supplement includes the charts, graphs, tables, and figures you will refer to when taking the exam.


Thursday Night Live

Weekly Educational and Entertaining Live Internet Broadcast.

Join Justin and Chris every Thursday night at 7:00 PM EST at www.AF.TV/96  for a one hour study hall.  You will be able to ask your questions via our live interactive chat and they will respond on air.

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Safety Tips from our NSB Staff

Bird Strikes

As we enter the summer season, bird strikes become more of an issue for general aviation. The first bird strike was recorded by the Wright brothers in 1905. Arguably, the most famous bird strike occurred on January 15, 2009, causing Captain Sully Sullenberger to ditch US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River. In 2012 over 10,000 bird strikes were reported by general aviation pilots.

From the CFI Desk with Paul Janecki

Multi Engine Training at American Flyers

You have already decided that walking on this planet isn't enough. You want to rise above the earth and " the skies on laughter silvered wings." Well, there is a little planning to do now. If you prepare yourself before you start shopping around for instructors and flight schools you will have better chance of finding the school that is perfect for you.

Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship    


To provide women with support and assistance to advance their training in the aviation profession through instructing. This scholarship is applicable only toward the Certified Instructor ratings (CFIA - CFII).

For more information on the Judith Resnik Memorial Scholarship please click HERE.

Aircraft Maintenance Tips  with Rick Farmer

iPads and Compass Deviation

Magnetic compass deviation is a phenomenon that occurs when the electrical field created by the electronic equipment in the aircraft disturbs the magnetic compass, causing it to deviate away from magnetic north. To correct this magnetic influence, two adjustable compensating magnets are mounted on the compass and are set to minimize this deviation by a mechanic. A compass card is then installed so the pilot can determine how many degrees of deviation to expect during flight.


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