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The Airline Pilot Academy
Private, Instrument and Commercial

Experience You Can Trust
Over the past 75 years, American Flyers is proud to have launched more Professional Pilot Careers than any other aviation organization in the world. The quality of education and experience you receive is the foundation that will last your entire career.
You and your classmates will progress through this full-time professional pilot course and after a short time, hold a commercial certificate with instrument rating, just in time to enroll in our 30-Day Instructor Academy.
The Benefits of Academy Learning
An Academy is made up of a small group of individuals who share a common goal. Your academy group will work together in a classroom environment for aviation concept learning and then individually with instructors for both simulator and flight lessons.
This method fully immerses you in the education along with your classmates, where you can learn together, benefit from the group's collective experiences. In short, the camaraderie of your academy will help you will learn faster, and retain the information more effectively.
Full-time Training Program
Affordable Housing Available
Florida and Texas Campuses
Internship and Employment Opportunities Available

Addison, TX
Addison Airport
4650 Airport Parkway
Addison, TX 75001

Pompano Beach, FL
Pompano Beach Airpark
801 NE 10 th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

Next Start Dates:

February 22, 2017
May 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
October 25, 2017

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Opportunities available to you in commercial aviation are virtually unlimited, and the rewards are truly great.

Airline Pilot
For most people starting out in aviation today, this is the ultimate goal. It's hardly surprising. The major airlines' equipment is usually the biggest and best. Their working conditions comfortable,and the pay is excellent. Best of all, worldwide opportunities like we've never experienced are available to the qualified pilot.

Commuter Airline Pilot
As the feeder of pilots to the majors, the commuter pilot is much sought after. Opportunities are abundant for qualified flight instructors who possess 1500 flight hours to join their ranks and then quickly move up to the majors.

Corporate Pilot
As a corporate pilot you may fly anything from a Cessna 310 to a Gulfstream G5 and more. Corporate flight departments are growing and fly regularly to international locations while providing excellent salaries and working conditions. 1500 hours Pilot in Command time is not required for most corporate flying opportunities.

Career Flight Instructor
As the aviation industry grows, the need for professional Flight Instructors is highly sought after. If you would love to teach and share your wisdom and expertise with aspiring flyers, the role of Flight Instructor is a worthy and satisfying profession.

Non Flying Aviation Jobs
Many additional jobs within the aviation field exist for those who posses an Instrument Rating with Commercial Certificate. Aviation related jobs such as airport management, charter sales, flight dispatcher, the flight simulation industry, aviation insurance brokerage and many more, have exciting opportunities available to those who have a flying background.

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