Finance All or a Portion of Your Flight Training

Pilot training requires some budget planning.  American Flyers is proud to offer options ranging from traditional loans, to internship programs as a way to make your dreams of flight a reality. 
AOPA Flex Aviation Loan
Aspire Loans
  • Loans for any program, private through full career
  • Domestic and foreign student plans available
  • Interest Rates from 7.74-12.99%
  • Maximum Loan Amount up to $100,000
  • Signature Loan for personal aviation
  • Home Equity Loan for full career courses
  • Interest rates from 9.70-14.99%
  • Career loan maximum of $250,000
Scholarships and Grants

American Flyers offers internship programs for students interested in an administrative, flight instructor, or aviation mechanic career-track. These programs provide interns with hands-on experience while building hours and earning flight credentials. Click Here for more information.

  • Administrative Intern
  • Mechanic Intern
  • Flight Instructor Intern (ACE Program)

American Flyers Recommends Applying to Multiple Lenders
We encourage you to receive competitive bids from various lenders to finance your pilot education. Applications are free to submit and you are under no obligation to accept any loan. If you have any questions regarding the loan process, please call 866-904-0808 for additional information.

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